Developing and Designing IoT services for Business

We develop rich IoT solutions and applications for B2B business, including manufacturing, logistics, health tech, food tech and real estate management.

IoT solutions design & development

We design and develop intelligent business solutions that make everyday living and work easier, more productive and meaningful. Our high-quality user experience design ensures that service utilization is high. The needs and behaviors of different user groups are at the center of our user experience design. We create solutions that stregthen your brand and corporate image.

IoT Service Design & Development

IoT services have been seen as presentations of data from internet connected devices as numbers and graphs. In Tappit we see IoT as an online process service and documentation platform. In such services all internet connected process information is integrated for faster and better decision making and interactive services. They provide users with information from various data sources and they document user decisions and transactions. They are proactive services that use history data and artificial intelligence to provide predictions and forecast to enable better decision making.

Proof of Concept & Quick Prototyping

During our history of developing IoT services and wireless sensor systems we have found very difficult to predict the impact of process changes when data is available online to larger number of users. The findings, which user will make when measurement frequency changes from once per hour to once per minute with history data being available, cannot be predicted reliably and are therefore not possible to implement in service design. This is why we see Proof Of Concept as the best way to start any IoT implementation. Be it a standard or custom service.

IoT Infrastructure

The IoT environment is a rapidly evolving world. Existing infrastructure solutions may be outdated tomorrow. Technology people define countless standards that require a lot of time and effort to comply.

We believe that costs determine whether or not complying to standards is necessary for survival. Quickly implemented and easy-to-use solutions become popular and are widely used. Our focus in this world is the time series data service for satellite TV devices and internet services, a service that facilitates the storage of millions of data points, data rearrangement, and time stamping with fast data transfer rate and to build interfaces to load data in BI tools or SQL databases and AI-driven data analysis tools.

We have our own wireless sensor network for collecting the data and we can fully utilize it with existing measurement solutions or internet data sources. You can trust in our sensor network for LTE Cat M1 and NBE (NB-IoT). Commercial NB-IoT solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are highly cost-effective and reliable.

Rich IoT Application Builder and CMS

Traditional IoT applications are the dashboards that show graphs and maps based on measurement data collected with the sensors. New IoT services support user interaction and activities in a much more multi-faceted way, for example in long term services like housing services and maintenance or short term services like goods deliveries.

These services need much more than monitoring data. Services need to provide instructions and manuals, to record transaction and store documents etc. System are changing more and moce into content management systems where measurement data is an important and vital part of the process.

In 2017 TappIT and its interest groups acquired the majority ownership of Hammerkit Content Management System in order to develop a toolset for faster development user-centric IoT services.